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    Our company was founded in 56 years, the DC Department of the provincial fixed-point production, and special motor professional manufacturer with more than 5000 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 850 existing staff, including engineers and technicians more than 230, the company has a long history, technology strong, new equipment, advanced technology, complete testing means, the main electric line in line with the international IEC standards, won the trust of national consumer products, the provincial science and technology advanced enterprises, the provincial scientific and technological progress awards and so on, 97 years passed ISO9000 certification standard.
      Over the years enterprises digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and management experience, with the German company Siemens, AEG companies abroad such as Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation established a regular trade cooperation and technological exchange relationship between the original characteristics of the motor KELON. Our varieties of existing DC motor 18 series, more than 1600 kinds specifications, including military motors, DC Explosion, the train speed motor, such as our company are original domestic product. Extensive metallurgical, machine tools, light industry, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, chemical, mining, shipbuilding, military and other industries with hundreds of thousands of Taiwan's high-quality, low power, highly efficient, durable, powerful and reliable power source, the development of national economy contribute to a certain extent.
     In recent years, with the continuous deepening of enterprise reform, "quality, high efficiency low, the first class product" the quality of the target people, the company products in order to progress, and actively learn advanced foreign enterprises, vertical linkages with the domestic famous research institutes extensive cooperation, and the Department of Shanghai Electric Machinery Research Institute of Special Electrical technology base development cooperation in order to enhance their stamina, especially around the market in recent years, significant new product development success for the metallurgy, cement, industry, import substitution and other electrical equipment businesses provided much-needed in a timely manner, the special requirements of high-quality low-DC motor drive new products to meet market demand for all-round, and won praise from customers both at home and abroad.

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